ATS : Ready-for-use test project

There is a way to quickly put your hands on running ATS test examples

See how to do it by watching a short video or follow the next steps.


We've created a VM image with ready-for-use ATS test project. It runs on top of Oracle VirtualBox.

  1. Download the ATS test project VM image
  2. Download the appropriate VirtualBox version for your operating system. It's been tested to work well with version 5.2.x
  3. Install it
  4. Start it
  5. Go to File -> Import Applicance
  6. Select the downloaded ATS test project image file
  7. You can allow more resources in order to get better performance by right clicking the imported image, go to Settings → System. For instance you can allocate more CPUs and RAM.
  8. Right click the imported image and click Start
  9. When prompted, login as 'atsuser' with password 'atspassword'

Now you have a running OS at your service.

Start some of the available tests

  1. You need to start some applications used by the tests. So from the command terminal go to /home/atsuser/Desktop/AtsDemoTests and execute the start_ats_test_applications.
  2. Now open the AtsDemoTests folder located on the desktop and go to eclipse subfolder in order to start Eclipse.
  3. You will see a number of classes with tests in the ats-demo-tests project. Right-click some class and run it as TestNG test.
  4. Test results are available in suitable format if start Firefox browser and visit http://localhost:8080/TestExplorer
  5. Enjoy it. If something does not work as expected - contact the ATS dev team at

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